Temporary overnight closure of A&E

Overnight closure of Weston General Hospital A&E


From 4 July 2017, the A&E unit at Weston General Hospital will be closed overnight between 10pm and 8am. This is because we can’t guarantee safe staffing levels overnight. 

During these times, emergency ambulances will automatically be diverted to a neighbouring A&E unit.

This is a temporary closure that only affects Weston General Hospital's A&E at night. You will still be seen in A&E during the day and the main hospital remains open as usual.

Services will re-open overnight once we are confident we can deliver a safe and sustainable service throughout the night with safe levels of staffing.


What to do if you need emergency care between 10pm and 8am

Do not go to Weston General Hospital's A&E unit.

If it’s a life-threatening emergency, dial 999 for an emergency ambulance and you’ll be taken to the nearest local A&E unit.


If you need urgent advice, but it’s not an emergency

For urgent, but non-emergency conditions that can’t wait until the morning, dial NHS 111. The service is free to use 24 hours a day and provides immediate medical assistance as well as guidance on the best urgent care service for your needs.

If you need an emergency ambulance, it will be dispatched immediately.


What will happen if I arrive just before 10pm?

If you arrive at Weston General Hospital A&E before 10pm you will be seen, treated  and, if necessary, admitted to the hospital for ongoing care as usual.

You will not be transferred to another hospital unless you need very specialist care that is not available at Weston General Hospital.


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