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University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust (UH Bristol) and Weston Area Health NHS Trust (WAHT) plan to merge as one organisation in April 2020. This section of the website provides more information about the proposed merger.

The two trusts have a shared ambition to ensure Weston General Hospital remains at the heart of the community, providing services that meet the needs of its local people. With WAHT being the smallest hospital trust in the country, merging with a larger trust will help bring the financial and clinical stability it needs to continue serving its community.

A merger builds on the formal partnership agreement the trusts have had in place since May 2017, which has brought benefits for patients and staff. Bringing the two trusts together will help us to continue transforming services for our patient population.

By combining our skills and resources, we will be in a stronger position to recruit and retain great people, streamline our services so our patients receive the best quality treatment and grow the specialist services we provide to patients in the South West and beyond.   

An important step towards merger took place on 1 September 2019, when UH Bristol Chief Executive Robert Woolley and UH Bristol Chair Jeff Farrar also became Chief Executive and Chair of WAHT.  

Both organisations are committed to making the merger a reality and plans are being developed for when we bring the trusts together in April 2020.

Our proposal to merge in April 2020 took another step forward at the end of November following Trust board approval of the plans. This decision demonstrates a real commitment to merger and means we can move to the next stage which requires review and assessment from our regulators (NHSEI). A final decision to merge will need to be made by the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care.

Since our partnership was established we have seen lots of excellent examples of teams collaborating and working more closely together to benefit our staff and our patients. For example, in June 2019 maternity staff at Weston formally joined the UH Bristol workforce, strengthening the maternity service in North Somerset and building on the great partnership working of recent years.

This has brought benefits to the service, helping us to recruit more midwives, providing developments opportunities for staff to work in different types of maternity settings and helping to further sustain the service.

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