Brief history of Acute Care in North Somerset

Queen Alexandra Memorial Hospital

Their Royal Highnesses the Duke and Duchess of York (later King George VI and the late Queen Mother) officially opened the Queen Alexandra Memorial Hospital on the Boulevard, Weston-super-Mare in 1928.

Over the years, equipment was added and updated. ‘Portable and temporary’ buildings were added to the Hospital in an attempt to keep pace with the growing needs of the community.

Weston General Hospital and Weston Area Health NHS Trust

However, with the growth in the town of Weston, and in particular around the area of Worle, it became quite evident that the type of health care and hospitals Weston had seen in the past, would not meet the needs of the future.

Much debate took place resulting in a new hospital being built and opened on 16 September 1986, on the edge of Uphill village. 

Weston Area NHS Trust (later Weston Area Health NHS Trust) came in to being from the 1st April 1991 following the Weston Area National Health Service Trust (Establishment) Order 1990. A copy of which is available in the National Archives at http://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/1990/2455/contents/made

Each year the Trust seems to manage to treat an even greater number of patients, with limited resources. It is all too easy for those of us in the Trust to forget how often we touch the lives of people in our community.

In January 2003 the hospital opened a new oncology and haemotology day unit, the Jackson Barstow Wing was opened to treat patients from the surrounding area. The new unit meant that patients could receive treatments, including chemotherapy and blood transfusions without having to travel to Bristol.

Weston General Hospital opened a new paediatric unit, the Seashore Centre, in February 2007. The unit features paediatric outpatients and a ten bed day ward.