The Future of Services at Weston General Hospital

The Future of Services at Weston General Hospital


Working in partnership with NHS Somerset Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and our health and social care partners we are committed to future services at Weston General Hospital.


It is well-known that as a small district hospital, Weston General has struggled for years with challenges in delivering some key services for local people.


There have been a number of attempts to find a long-term solution that works and in 2016 we set up The North Somerset Sustainability Board bringing together all local health and social care partners to help us do this.  


Work is well underway and in February (2017) we launched an 8 week engagement asking you for feedback on our emerging ideas.  


We will be publishing an independent feedback report on this engagement, prepared by Healthwatch North Somerset, in our July Governing Body meeting. A copy of the report will be available to download from this page.


What happens next?


We would like to assure you that the temporary overnight closure of A&E recently announced by the hospital is in response to concerns about patient safety. This follows publication of their latest CQC inspection report


No final decision has been taken on the future of any services at Weston General Hospital, and we would like to stress that no significant permanent changes to Weston’s A&E services or any other services in the hospital will be made without a full public consultation.


Work continues to find a long-term solution. We are developing our initial ideas, guided by senior local doctors and other experts, and taking on board your feedback and the learning from the Healthwatch report.


In order to find a permanent solution that works for the local population we need to think about the whole health and care system, not just the hospital by itself. We are working on a ‘Commissioning Context’ document which will set out how Weston General Hospital can work with, and be supported by, the wider health system including GPs, Community Services and Mental Health. This responds to and builds on some of the feedback you gave us during the engagement.


We aim to share this document with you by late summer and there will be opportunities for you to provide feedback so that you can help us further refine our thinking.


In terms of specific changes at Weston General Hospital, any ideas that involve significant service change will include a full 12 week consultation. This will be publicised in the local press, on our website and social media so you can get involved and give us your views.


We don’t have all the answers but we know that services as they are set up at the moment need to change and your feedback is important to finding a long term solution.



You can read more about these ideas on the CCG's website