Children's Speech and Language Therapy Service

The aim of the Service is to provide assessment, diagnosis, interventions and advice to children with speech and language difficulties, so that they can reach their communication potential.

We have a Service for children with swallowing problems.  This Service is only offered when a child has been weaned.  Children accessing this support need to have significant physical and/or learning difficulties.

We offer a wide range of services appropriate to the needs of the children referred:-

-       Individual assessment

-       Personalised intervention Programmes

-       Individual therapy pathways

-       Advice, support and strategy plans.

All of the above are carried out with a wide range of people, parents, carers, support workers, teachers and other professional colleagues.

Every year we have approximately 550 new referrals, additional to the current 680 children on our caseload.

Referral critiera

The referral critiera is currently under review.

Referral is via the Single Point of Entry form which is available from Drove Road and The Barn or by clicking here


The Children’s Speech and Language Therapy Team aim to identify children with communication difficulties as early as possible.  The potential long term difficulties and effects on social, emotional and educational development can be reduced by working with parents, carers, children and others.

After assessment the level of Service provided will depend on the following factors:-

-       Severity of the problem and its impact on the child.  We use a national outcome measure to monitor our effectiveness.

-       Level of carer support

-       Potential value of different types of therapy based on research and the evidence base.

-       The amount of available speech and language therapy resource commissioned.  We have the equivalent of 6.5 whole time speech and language therapy time to cover all the children in North Somerset.

The children who we see could have:-

-       Language difficulties

-       Speech sound problems

-       Voice disorders

-       Children who stammer

-       Children with swallowing difficulties.

The ways in which we provide therapy:-

-       Parent sessions to help them develop their own child’s communication skills

-       Therapy direct from a Speech and Language Therapist

-       Devising and demonstrating programmes for support workers in Nurseries and School to deliver

-       Helping to develop the skills of others in the child’s home, school or pre-school settings.

All of our work is done in close liaison with other Health, Education, Social Care and Voluntary sector colleagues.

For more information please contact:

Alyson Harris – Principal Speech & Language Therapist

Specialist Children’s Services

Drove House, Drove Road

Weston super Mare  BS23 3NT

Tel: 01934 881306