Promoting your Event

The more people that know about your fundraising, the more you can raise, so let everybody know about your upcoming event or challenge! Here’s how to do just that.



Use our promotional materials. 

We've got some ready-to-use materials for you, including template press releases, to help you spread the word about your event or challenge.

Social media
Use social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube) to promote your event as it can help to spread the word widely. Also, make sure you share photos! 

Make sure you let us know about the event too and we’ll share the news across our own social media channels. Post your pictures and stories to @WestonNHS on Twitter.

Share your story with local media
The local media are often looking for stories about people who are doing interesting or extraordinary things and it’s a great way to spread the word and get more support.  

We’ve created some top tips below to help you share your story with the media. You can also get in touch with your local press by using our template press releases – just fill in the blanks!  

  1. 1.      Tell people what you’re doing and why

Include a description of the event and why you want to raise money to help readers to understand and become engaged in it.  We’ve highlighted some key messages below, which you should include in your press release:

  1. The Scanner Appeal is a joint appeal between the League of Friends and Weston Area Health NHS Trust to raise funds for new digital scanning equipment
  2. The two organisations are working together to raise £400,000 to achieve the goal by 2018
  3. New digital scanning equipment will dramatically cut down on waiting times and travel for patients and allow conditions to be diagnosed more quickly
  1. 2.      What’s your message?

Understand what key messages you want to get across to people. For example, if you’re holding a cake sale, your press release will need to include information on the date and time of your event and how/where people can buy cakes.

Remember: include your key messages in your first paragraph to attract the attention of journalists and readers.

Another tip is to remember the 5 ‘W’s’: who, what, where, why and when – this will help you to focus your story on the information that is relevant to the reader.

  1. 3.      What’s the angle?

Local newspapers and radio stations get lots of information on a daily basis, so in order to maximise your chances of standing out ask yourself:  is there anything newsworthy, unusual, quirky or interesting about the event or the people behind it?

If you have an inspiring or emotional reason for supporting the scanner appeal then use that as your news angle.

  1. 4.      Be fast of the mark

Speak to your local media about your event as early as possible to put it on their radar.

Do make sure you have a press release ready to send to the journalist after you contact them (including your own contact details so they can reach you!) – this will maximise your chances of coverage. If your local media can’t promote your fundraising before the event, send a follow-up story with a photo of the event.

  1. 5.      Be picture perfect

You are more likely to get media coverage if your event has a strong picture. You could consider:

<  Inviting photographers from local press to cover your event/challenge. You’ll need to include information in the press release about the date, time  and location of the event – be as specific as possible

<  Having someone on hand to take photos. You can get high-quality pictures yourself using most modern cameras or smartphones.

We hope our publicity tips help you to spread the word about the Scanner Appeal.

Please don’t forget to tell us what you’re doing – and, if you need more help or simply want to talk to a member of the fundraising team contact us or call on 07590 30 36 36.