Meet the Members

Maggie Blackmore

Chair of the Council

'I am a carer and have retired with experience of residential childcare and as a primary teacher. I am a local health representive on several committees. My main focus is as a Dignity  Champion and a member of the environment team involved in the P.L.A.C.E. inspections . I am happy to be able to represent patients and carers views and be active in the work of the Patient Council.'


Irene Bleasdale

'I am really pleased to be a member of the Patients Council - having served 45 years in the NHS as a Registered Nurse in our community. Now retired I am a regular volunteer at the hospital working for the patients.'



Jeanette Carter  

'Experience of nursing and NHS management, a wife and mother of 4, grandmother of 5, family member with Alzheimer's, interested in making sure that Alzheimer's, dementia and elderly patients have best care, with understanding of their condition and respect for their dignity, of prime importance during their hospital stay.'


Pat Sokol    

'Having retired with over 40 year's experience within the Customer Service Industry, I am pleased to be able to devote time as a member of The Patients Council. I have a great interest in Elderly Care. Working together with The Trust, I am very happy to represent Patients' views and be actively involved in improving services provided.'


Timothy Evans

I am involved with Patients' Council as I have been in Weston for over 50 years and have made use of the hospital on many occasions, whether personally or with family and friends. I even have family and friends who currently work or have worked at the hospital too. I experienced problems in the hospital with the care given to my brother. I complained about this and the Trust investigated this and ended up apologising. I care for all as individuals and what happens in our local hospital.


Ann Harley


Antoinette Welch


Phillip Adams


Julie Power


Stephen Lee


Vic Slater


Annabel Plaister