Arriving at the Hospital

Visiting hours are 2.30-4.30pm and 6.30-8.30pm for all wards EXCEPT ITU and MAU

MAU 10.30am – 5pm and 7.30pm- 9pm (please avoid meal times at 12 noon and 5pm)

ITU 11am – 2.30pm and 4.30pm – 7.30pm

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Information for Visitors

1. Arriving at the hospital

2. Once you’re inside the hospital

3. Advice and information for patients with restricted mobility and/or disability

4. Wheelchairs

5. Parking and payment

6. League of Friends shop, Costa coffee shop and restaurant

7. Telephones


1.  Arriving at the hospital by car, taxi and public transport

The ticket payment machine and change machine are located to the right of the revolving doors outside the main entrance. The machine takes cards or cash, including notes. The old, discontinued £1 coin is not accepted by the machine. 


Remember at Weston your first 30 minutes parking is free.


First 30 minutes                                                                                       FREE

Up to one hour                                                                                        £2.30

Up to two hours                                                                                       £3.50

Up to six hours                                                                                        £4.30

Up to 24 hours                                                                                        £8.00




There is a drop-off and pick up point for taxis outside the main entrance.  


Front entrance

You can use the main front entrance with the revolving door and wheelchair access to your right. 


Some buses have now started coming into the hospital, others are still using the two bus stops on Grange Road. Check with the bus company, or Traveline first.


2. Once you're inside the hospital

Most times of the day, volunteers are at the Information desk in the front entrance to help you.

Otherwise please ask a member of staff. If they’re not in uniform you can recognise the hospital team by their long blue NHS cord around their neck holding an identity badge. 

Please give yourself plenty of time to find where you need to go.  Bring your appointment letter with you so we can show you to the right place. 

Help when you arrive

Our wonderful team of volunteers are at the Information Desk in the front entrance and can help you find your way.  



3.Advice and information for patients with restricted mobility and/or disability parking and payment

You can enter the hospital and park in the disabled bays as normal.

New Revolving doors

We now have revolving doors at the front entrance.

If you want to slow the revolving door down and give yourself more time to go through them then press the green button on the door. You will see this on the right as you enter them.

There are wheelchairs at the entrances. Our volunteers will be able to assist you finding one if you need it. Or please ask a member of staff who will be happy to help you.



There is separate wheelchair access to the right of the revolving door at the front entrance. You will find a separate door. To open it press the assisted access button.

Wheelchairs are available for patients and visitors at the front entrance.  If you borrow a wheelchair to go to your car please remember to bring it back to the entrance so another patient can use it and it doesn’t cause obstructions or damage to people’s cars. 


5.Parking and payment

The ticket payment machine and change machine are located to the right of the main entrance. The machine is CASH ONLY.

Remember at Weston your first 30 minutes parking is free.

Up to One Hour                                                                                        £2.20

Up to Two hours                                                                                       £3.40

Over Two hours                                                                                        £4.40


6. League of Friends and Costa coffee shop

The League of Friends shop is in the lobby selling papers, chocolate, cards and small gifts and toiletries.

Costa coffee is on the right as you come through the main entrance.


7.Telephones and post box

There is a taxi phone by the front entrance and a post box.