Diamond Colleagues Honoured at Trust’s Annual Meeting

Weston Area Health NHS Trust’s Diamond Colleagues of the Year have received their awards from North Somerset Council Chair, Councillor Mrs Ann Harley, at the Trust’s Annual Meeting.

She also presented long-service awards to members of the Trust’s staff and volunteers who had each completed 10 or 20 years service.


The Diamond Colleagues scheme began in 2008 and was so named because it coincided with the 60th anniversary of the National Health Service.

Staff nominate Individuals, Teams and Volunteers to be Diamond Colleagues and these are considered by a panel of staff to produce monthly winners.

The nominees since October last year all went forward to the Diamond Colleagues of the Year finals and the winners were:


Individual of the Year – Nursing Assistant Bob Powell

His nomination said: “NA Powell displays immense patience and understanding to his patients, protects their dignity and encourages them to do things for themselves where appropriate in a firm, but caring manner.” 


Team of the Year – X-ray Assistants (represented by Paula Graves)


Their nomination said: “They are primarily concerned with patient comfort and safety and are always there to lend a hand to help move a patient into position during a procedure or hold the hand of an anxious patient. They help patients on and off the bed and they always work with a smile.”



Volunteers of the Year – Dot Mullins and Terry Gardner of the One-Stop Urology Clinic


Their nomination said: “Dot and Terry have been volunteers in the Urology department for 10 years and are totally dedicated to their role. They are welcoming and reassuring to patients and without their help and dedication, the clinic would not run as smoothly as it does.”


The Diamond Colleague of the Year prizes were a certificate and shopping vouchers.




Volunteers recognised for giving 10 years service to the Trust were: Dot Mullins and Terry Gardner, Terry Carthew, Jeanette and John Bath and Ann Parker.


Staff recognised for giving 20 years service to the Trust were: David Pack, Jacqueline Counsell, Isabella Allen, plus outstanding volunteer Vera Stevens (pictured). 




Chief Executive Lorene Read told the meeting about the Trust’s outstanding achievements in 2009/10. 


She said the Trust’s core purpose and values were patient care and safety.


She referred to the launch during the year of the Trust’s Patient Safety First campaign and said that the task of Trust staff was to make sure nothing untoward happened to patients while they were in hospital.


She referred also to work within the hospital to provide separate single sex accommodation, particularly in the Emergency Assessment Unit, which she described as a “brilliant change in practice to keep people dignified.”


She pointed out in the audience Jayne Biddiscombe who was the country's 3,000th Dignity Champion, and who had been responsible for inviting the National Dignity Ambassador Sir Michael Parkinson to visit the Trust in 2009.


She reminded the audience that Sir Michael had described Weston General Hospital as one of the best in the country in terms of demonstrating how to look after people from a dignity perspective in his national report at the end of his term-of-office.


Lorene said she thought Weston Area Health NHS Trust was shaping up into a really good organisation, with more friends in the community than previously and more positive publicity than used to be the case.


However, she said there were changes to be made and the Trust was currently looking at its forward strategy, particularly in challenging economic times. She concluded with her belief that Weston is in good shape to go forward into 2011.


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