Weston Tops Clinical Research Table

Weston Area Health NHS Trust has come top of a league table of English hospitals undertaking clinical research.

The list, compiled by National Institute of Health Research, ranked acute hospitals and Primary Care Trusts according to their relative size and populations.

It puts Weston at the top of the smaller hospitals stating that during the financial year 2010/11, the Trust was participating in 47 research studies. It also showed that Weston had recruited 433 patients into those studies.  

Recent studies have involved patients with diabetes, cancer or heart problems.

Weston Area Health NHS Trust Medical Director Nick Gallegos said: “Weston has been an enthusiastic participant in clinical research in recent years with an ever-expanding portfolio of active studies.

“We work alongside larger Trusts, such as those in Bristol, to assist in recruitment in their larger studies as well, and we support our local Universities in the same way, as well as working with pharmaceutical companies too.

“We are very pleased to have topped this particular table, and it is a credit to the hard work of our research and development team and the doctors, nurses and Allied Health Professionals here who give their time and expertise to ensure research stays on our agenda, even when the day-job is keeping us all busy – because it is only through research that life-saving medical advances will be made.” 

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