Cancer patients treated with ‘dignity and respect’ at Weston

More than 98% of patients at Weston General Hospital’s Oncology and Haematology Day Unit are treated with dignity and respect and are happy with the care provided by nurses, a new survey has revealed.

The hospital, which is run by Weston Area Health NHS Trust, was assessed by patients attending the day unit – a facility which delivers chemotherapy and supportive therapies for people receiving treatments for cancer and haematology disorders.

The yearly Oncology and Haematology Patient Satisfaction evaluation saw 120 patients rating their experiences against a range of activities that impact on their care, including the level of information provided and whether adequate support was offered between treatments.

One area that scored particularly highly was the care patients receive from medical staff.

The survey revealed that all patients found nursing staff to be helpful, while nine out of ten people attending the unit had confidence and trust in the doctors and nurses treating them.

In addition, 86% of patients attending Weston General Hospital’s Oncology and Haematology Day Unit would recommend the hospital to their friends and loved ones.

The study also revealed that more than 80% of patients were happy with the support available to them between treatments, and, while attending the day unit, every person questioned was comfortable with the environment in the treatment area.

Commenting on the results, a patient said:  “The care and treatment I received was outstanding. I am confident that I would not have received better treatment and care anywhere else.”

Chris Perry, Director of Nursing for the Trust, said: “The feedback from the survey is great to see.

“Patients going through cancer treatment have a difficult journey. They face coming to terms with illness as well as possible stress and family worries.

“Our role is to understand and empathise with our patients and provide the right care and attention in an environment where they feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible.

“Cancer patients who receive good information, who are spoken to with sensitivity, who feel that they are being heard and involved in decisions and are supported with their treatment will often have a much better experience of care.

“We have a fantastic team of doctors and nurses, as well as our back office functions, for example housekeepers and administrators, which help to make the patients journey run as smoothly as possible.

“The team also strive to maintain quality care with sensitivity in a calm and friendly environment and recognise the importance of giving our patients quality information and support throughout their treatment. They’re always committed to supporting each patient through very difficult times.

“The feedback on the trust, confidence and care that our patients receive is a reflection on the dedication and commitment of our staff who work so hard to make sure patients have a positive experience whenever they come to our hospital for treatment.”