Staff in Weston prepare for winter flu

As flu season looms, frontline hospital staff at Weston General Hospital are preparing for winter by getting flu jabs to protect themselves and their patients against flu.

Staff at the hospital, which is run by Weston Area Health NHS Trust, are being encouraged to have a yearly flu jab to prevent transmission of the virus.  

The Trust’s annual flu vaccination drive takes place throughout November, and it’s expected that more than 1,300 staff will be protected. 

The Trust is aiming to vaccinate over 75 per cent of staff and has provided drop-in flu jab sessions at clinics throughout the hospital.  

Last year the Trust vaccinated almost 68% of its frontline staff, outperforming the national average of 54%, and vaccinating more of its staff than any Trust in the region.

Speaking after getting her flu jab, Chris Perry, Director of Nursing for the Trust, said: “Our annual staff flu vaccination drive is an important part of our winter planning. 

“We have a duty at Weston to safeguard our patients, and the best way we can do that during winter is to protect ourselves against flu. It’s important for us all, particularly those delivering frontline care, to have the flu vaccination. The flu jab is quick and painless so I’d encourage everyone to get one who needs it.” 

James Rimmer, Chief Executive at the Trust, who also received a flu jab, added: “Flu vaccine is the best protection we have against an unpredictable virus that can cause illness in the young and old, pregnant women and those with an underlying medical health condition. 

It is vital that staff stay healthy so that they can continue to make sure our patients receive the best possible care. By having the flu jab our frontline workers are helping to protect our patients, themselves, colleagues and their families from the virus.”

“We have an excellent record on inoculating our staff against flu and we’ve had another strong take up of the jab so far this year which has been fantastic to see.”

As the days get colder the Trust is also getting behind a new nationwide campaign urging people to ‘Stay Well This Winter’.

The Trust is encouraging people to check with their GP or pharmacist to see whether they’re eligible for a free flu jab for protection against the virus this winter.

Those eligible for a free flu jab include people over 65, pregnant women, those with certain medical conditions and people who are a carer for the elderly and disabled.

Please visit and head to the Trust’s ‘Get Ready For Winter’ page for advice and information to help you stay healthy through the winter months.