Chaplaincy Service

The chaplaincy is a hospital department. It is committed to giving spiritual care to all who are within the walls of the hospital irrespective of faith and culture, and whether they are patient, family or staff.


A hospital is a place where we take health seriously and as part of caring for the whole person we also consider a person's spiritual needs as well as their physical and mental wellbeing.


Chaplains are concerned to help in the process of healing. They are not only there for ‘religious people’ but for all.  We welcome people from a particular faith background or none.


The purpose of the chaplaincy is to:


  • Offer support to all patients, visitors and staff, at what can be a difficult and challenging time in people’s lives.
  • Stand alongside people, befriending, listening, offering support, showing concern and helping people to reflect on their own situation.
  • Meet people’s religious needs where required through worship, prayer and sacrament.


The chaplaincy holds religious and cultural information, a multi- faith library and faith leaders’ telephone numbers. We welcome leaders from all faiths.


We are also here to support staff no matter what their role is within the organization, encouraging an atmosphere of mutual respect for others and encouraging a healthy acknowledgement of diversity within the Trust.


As part of the NHS Trust we are working within the NHS practice guidelines, taking seriously protecting patients by acknowledging privacy, confidentiality and diversity legislation.


The Hospital Chaplain

The hospital chaplain is available for all patients. If you wish to see him either for prayer, Holy Communion, someone to talk to confidentially about anything that may be worrying you, or just a chat, please ask a nurse to contact him.


The chaplaincy offers an emergency on-call service 24 hours a day. The chaplain is supported by a small team of Voluntary Chaplaincy Visitors. 


You don’t have to be an inpatient on the ward to speak to the chaplain. We are also available for patients and their families such as Outpatients, A&E and Children’s Community Paediatric Services.


If you belong to a particular faith the chaplain can contact local ministers or leaders from religious communities on your behalf. We also have a Roman Catholic Chaplain who is able to visit on request.


The Hospital Chapel


The Hospital Chapel is a special place set aside for quiet reflection and prayer. The chapel is situated on the ground floor, near Pharmacy, and is always open.


The chapel may be used by patients, staff and visitors of all faiths or none for their own prayers, or just as a place of quiet and refuge.  Please feel free to use this space whatever your spirituality.


The Hospital Chaplain prays regularly for patients, families and staff, and for the work of the hospital. Prayer requests may be placed on the Prayer Board.  There are also Chaplaincy Request Forms available in the Chapel if you would like to make contact with the chaplain.


The Voluntary Services and Chaplaincy notice board is located in the Rafters corridor next to the Chapel.