New temporary route to Weston General Hospital’s A&E Department as redesign project underway

Visitors to Weston General Hospital’s A&E Department will temporarily have to take a few extra steps through the main hospital to reach their destination.

The reason for this is a six week redesign project, which began Sunday night, the 29th of October, which will improve primary care streaming in the department.


Primary care streaming, an NHS England national programme, allows patients who don’t necessarily need to be treated by an Emergency Doctor access to a greater range of health professionals for their needs – including advance and emergency nurse practitioners.


Phil Walmsley, Director of Operations at Weston Area Health NHS Trust, explained, “The redesigned A&E will greatly improve services and make the department more efficient. The project will take six weeks. During this time, visitors will need to enter via the main hospital, following the clearly marked signs and arrows to A&E.”


Of note: Photos and a description of the new route can be found below.


“We apologise for any inconvenience caused, but ultimately our patients will greatly benefit from the redesign,” Phil continued.


The redesign is being completed using £842,600 in funds awarded to Weston General Hospital by NHS England as part of a national initiative where hospitals across the country were able to bid for a grant to create primary care streaming in A&E.


“This investment will help ensure that all our patients – those with serious life threatening emergencies and with more minor conditions – are directed to the most appropriate care for their needs as quickly as possible,” Phil said. “It also makes it easier for A&E staff to work more effectively.”


In the meantime, all Weston Area NHS Health Trust staff will be keeping an eye out for A&E visitors who may be uncertain of where to go.


“Our staff will be aware of the new route and ready to help visitors,” Phil stated. “Over this six week period we’ll be redirecting people who may be a bit lost despite the arrows.”



The new, temporary route to A&E

Don’t enter through the normal A&E entrance. You’ll now need to turn left and come in through the main hospital entrance.


Keep heading left to the main hospital entrance.


Walk through the revolving doors. You’ve reached the main hospital entrance. Continue walking into the hospital, past Costa and over the fish pond bridge.


At the corridor before you go up the stairs, follow the arrow to your right.


Continue walking down the corridor


Almost there. Keep walking down the corridor.


A final right turn will take you into the A&E Department.


Walk through the Assessment area—you’ll see a check-in sign ahead.


Check in at A&E reception.


You’ll quickly be assessed about your medical needs by a member of staff.



Please contact a member of staff if you have any questions about the new, temporary route. We hope the building work in A&E will be completed before Christmas.