Celebrating 70 years of the NHS with a Big 7Tea tea party

Weston Area Health NHS Trust (WAHT) celebrated 70 years of the NHS by holding a Big 7Tea tea party on Thursday 5 July 2018. The main event was held at Weston General Hospital, and was supported by smaller tea parties across the hospital and at Children’s Services on Drove Road.


WAHT’s big tea party, raising money for the Weston General Hospital Scanner Appeal, was open to members of the public, staff and patients and many people popped in throughout the afternoon to find out more about the history of healthcare within North Somerset and grab a cuppa and a slice of cake.


Winnie’s Bakery very kindly donated a beautiful cake to help the celebrations and Asda, Weston-super-Mare, supported the party at Children’s Services with cake, pens and balloons.


Thanks to John Crockford-Hawley who delivered a very informative and extremely interesting talk on the history of healthcare and hospitals within Weston, and staff speaker Gillian Malakooti, who gave a heartfelt account of her career at Weston General Hospital over the last 30 years.


Musical accompaniment throughout the afternoon was provided by WAHT staff member, Andrew Rix. And alongside the many photographs and publications on display, everyone who came had the opportunity to leave a message of what they most value about the NHS; some examples include:


“Everyone is treated as an equal – free healthcare for everyone, no matter your circumstances.”

“It’s a fantastic place to work, especially Weston which has a great atmosphere.”

“Working as part of the wonderful family team who care for my friends and family.”

“Saved my husband’s life last year here at Weston. Can’t express enough thanks.”

“Amazing! Feel proud to be part of it!”


WAHT chairman, Grahame Paine, said: “There is so much to celebrate every day in the NHS, the care and dedication of staff is second-to-none, and that is clearly recognised by the public. I feel very lucky to be surrounded by such dedicated professionals and to be a part of an institution of which we should all be very proud.”