Huge thank you to our magnificent staff and the public for their support during the snow

The Trust that runs Weston General Hospital is paying tribute today to its ‘magnificent staff’ and members of the public who supported the NHS during last week’s snow. Snow, ice and freezing temperatures swept in on Thursday, affecting transport, making roads treacherous to walk and drive on – meaning many staff faced the prospect of not being able to get home from work on Thursday or into work Friday and Saturday.


Speaking about how staff and the public responded to the crisis James Rimmer Chief Executive Weston Area Health NHS Trust said:


“As ever our NHS staff at Weston were magnificent putting the care of their patients before anything else. Several of our staff stayed overnight in the hospital and slept in the hospital so they could work their shift on Friday.


“Our staff who live in Weston and surrounding areas walked in braving the ice and cold. We even heard stories of staff walking five miles or more to get to work to care for our patients. Other staff changed domestic arrangements, childcare and shift patterns, put colleagues up for the night and lift shared, all going the extra mile to make sure all our patients were safe.


On Friday we were greeted by a fleet of 4x4s outside the hospital. The public, without being asked drove to our aid to see what they could do to help. We had twenty or so volunteers who on Thursday, Friday and Saturday helped us take around 80 staff from home to the hospital and carried patients (accompanied by a staff chaperone) from hospital to home. These journeys included trips to Weston and North Somerset and as far afield as Taunton, Cardiff, Yeovil and Gloucestershire.


We have been humbled by our staff and the public’s response to this crisis and their commitment to Weston. Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to them all.