Other Tests

Real Ear Measurements

This is carried out to measure the sound that the hearing aid is giving in the ear canal to  make sure the aid is correct for your hearing loss.  

Placement of equipment:  We will place a headset over your ears and insert a small soft tube into your ear canal for the measurement. This might tickle when inserted.

We carry out this measurement with and without your hearing aid in place. Sound is emitted from a speaker in front of you and recorded.  The hearing aid is then programmed accordingly. 

Sometimes there may be clinical reasons, such as wax, why this test cannot be performed.


Speech Audiometry

This is carried out in the same way as a hearing test however instead of sounds you will be listening for words

The results of this test will then be compiled and sent onto the referring consultant who will discuss the results with you.



This test analyses the functioning of the eardrum and the space behind the drum. We will have a look in your ear to make sure there is no wax.  A probe with a soft rubber tip will be put into the opening of the ear canal and will seal the ear.  

You will feel a small change in pressure in the ear, similar to be going up a hill in a car and the results will be recorded.

Results will be printed out and attached to the hearing test results