Visiting - norovirus restrictions

Visitors to Weston General Hospital


Due to Norovirus, visiting hours are currently restricted to 2:30 - 3:30pm and from 6:30 - 7:30pm with a maximum of 2 visitors at any session. No children under 11 years of age will be permitted to visit. 




If your visit is essential, we ask all visitors to take extra precautions on entering the ward by wearing plastic aprons and washing their hands with soap and water on leaving the ward.


Additionally, as Norovirus is highly infectious, it is vital that anyone who is feeling unwell with gastrointestinal symptoms, vomiting and or diarrhoea, or has been in contact with someone who has these symptoms should NOT visit hospitals or their GP because this increases the risk of passing on the infection. You need to be sypmtom free for at least 48 hours to be considered free from the infection. 


For more information about Norovirus, please click HERE


Protecting yourself and your family if you are coming to Weston General Hospital.

  • Do not visit if feeling unwell with sickness, diarrhoea, fever, sore throat or flu or if you have been in contact with someone showing these symptoms.
  • Do not visit for at least 48 hours after symptoms have stopped if you have had diarrhoea and/or vomiting
  • Children under 11 years of age should not visit Adult Wards. If you have a particular need, please ask a member of staff. This is because young children are more at risk of acquiring infection, so this restriction is to protect them.
  • Do not sit on patient beds, please use the chairs provided
  • Follow our visiting policy, especially if restrictions are in place. If you are unable to do so, seek advice from ward staff
  • Only two visitors should be at the bedside at any one time
  • Clean your hands with the alcohol gel or with soap and water before you visit a patient and again when you leave a ward.
  • It is ok to ask staff if they have washed their hands.
  • Check with staff about bringing in food items. Do not bring in food that could stay on lockers unwrapped, such as fruit. Instead bring in items such as individually wrapped sweets or biscuits.
  • Only bring in essential supplies for patients, as clutter on and around the bed makes it more difficult to keep clean.
  • Talk to staff if you have concerns about the cleanliness of the ward or public areas.
  • Use public toilets, not patient toilets, and remember to wash your hands.