Managing the quality of your care


Patient experience refers to all aspects of patient care and here at Weston General Hospital we aim to give our patients the best possible experience by delivering the right care at the right time by the right team. We strive to treat all our patients with respect and dignity at all times, and are committed to listening and responding to any queries.  


We have a system of patient feedback that helps us understand what we are doing well as well as identify any areas in which we could improve. Ways in which we collect this information are as follows:

Friends and Family Test

We give patients the opportunity to take part in the NHS Friends and Family test, which asks patients whether they would recommend our hospital to their friends and family. The results of our latest Friends and Family tests can be found HEREon the right hand side, under 'Quality of Services at Weston General Hospital'.  






Exit Cards


 We have an ‘exit card’ where inpatients can let us know how their care was while they were with us. If you have recently been an inpatient at Weston General, and haven’t already filled out one of these cards, you can do so online at the bottom of this page.



National Inpatient Survey

  As well as our own ‘exit cards’ we also participate in a National Inpatient Survey, which is an annual requirement by the Care    Quality Commission. The latest results of this survey can be found HERE.


Patient Advice and Liaison Service ( PALS)

The Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS) team is a key enabler in improving patient experience. If you would like to give us feedback or raise a concern you have, please contact the PALS team.




Patients' Council

Our Patients’ Council conduct a survey into how staff interact with patients on the ward. The results of the latest Patients’ Council led Quality of Interaction Observations (QuIO) can be viewed HERE.