Multi-Disciplinary Cancer Teams

What is the Multi-Disciplinary Team?

The Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) consists of a team with specialist training and experience of the diagnosis and management of cancer. The idea behind an MDT meeting is to streamline, improve continuity of care; with everyone informed of the overall picture and included in decision making about treatment for individual patients.


MDT Meetings

MDT meetings are held each week to discuss individual patients and their treatment. The MDT may discuss patients at any point in their cancer pathway; for example:

  • After assessments or tests
  • After completing a course of treatment
  • If new symptoms develop


MDT Decisions

As part of your treatment plan you will be discussed at the MDT meeting and an appointment will be made for you to discuss this plan with your Doctor and/or the Lead Clinical Nurse Specialist. If appropriate the CNS may hold a telephone consultation with you to prevent delays, share appropriate information and support you.

Sometimes further investigations are required either at Weston or Bristol Royal Infirmary (BRI). You will be contacted if further investigations required.


Your Key Worker

Your Key Worker will be one of the Clinical Nurse Specialists who will act as your point of contact with the hospital throughout your continued care. You may contact them whenever you require further information about any aspect of your diagnosis or care.