Hand and Wrist Surgery

The human hand is a very complex structure with many components.


The components such as nerves, tendons and joints can undergo wear and tear changes as well as being injured. The joints in the hand can undergo arthritic change and also be associated with small cystic swellings called ganglion. The tendons in the hand can develop painful swellings which may sometimes produce a triggering or locking phenomenon when the fingers move. Often such problems are treated with steroid injection. The median nerve which supplies sensation to the thumb, index and middle fingers can become entrapped as it passes through the wrist. This can produce pain at night and numbness in these digits, in a condition called carpal tunnel syndrome. This frequently requires an operation, which is very successful at curing the problem. Some people may develop a loss of extension especially of the little and ring fingers. This is a condition known as Dupuytrens` contracture. This contracture can be corrected with day case surgery.

See the video on carpal tunnel syndrome below.