The Process of Surgery


You will have been referred to us by your GP or the Muskuloskeletal service for our expert opinion on how we can best help you. We run most of our clinics at Weston General Hospital, but also have clinics at Clevedon, Burnham-on-Sea, Backwell and Nailsea.

During the consultation, the whole emphasis will be on how you want to be treated and the options available to you. If you are listed for surgery, this will take place at Weston General Hospital.



You will be seen at a preassessment clinic between two and six weeks before your operation. This is to ensure that surgery remains the best option for you and that you are optimally fit to proceed with the operation.
It will also give you another opportunity to ask any last minute questions and have any anxieties resolved.


Day Case

Dependent on your surgery, you will either be an inpatient or a day case. If you are a day case you will come to the day case centre where you will be seen on the day of your operation by your surgeon and anaesthetist.
You will recover on the day case unit and go straight home from the unit. The unit is renowned for its friendly professionalism.


Inpatient Stay

You will be admitted to the Theatre Receiving Unit where you will be seen by your Surgeon and the anaesthetist.

You will be taken from here to theatre and after a period in recovery you will be taken back to your bed on the ward.