Visiting Outpatients and Blood Tests

Information and advice to help you prepare for your appointment in Outpatients.

If you feel you need extra support or special arrangements for your appointment please call Patient Advice Liaison Service (PALS) 01934 647216 before your appointment.

Arriving For Your Appointment

When you arrive at the Hospital your appointment will either be in the main Quantock Outpatients, general Outpatients or one of the specialist departments. Blood tests are located in the Quantock Outpatients department.  

Please bring your appointment letter with you

Quantock Outpatients and Phlebotomy (blood tests)

You can find this by using the left hand side entrance at the front of the hospital benind the mobile eye unit. Our blood tests department (phlebotomy) is located here too. 





Consulting room


General Outpatients

You will find this by using the main hospital entrance and turning right at the corridor in Costa. Walk down the corridor and going through to the waiting area at the end.


Orthopedic and X Ray Outpatients

Orthopedics and X-Ray outpatient departments are situated on the ground floor. Using the main hospital entrance go over the footbridge and turn right. Orthopedics and X-Ray departments are next to each other a short way down the corridor. 

When you arrive 

A receptionist will tell you where to go to wait to see the Doctor.

Sometimes the clinics can be delayed but our staff will let you know by telling patients in the waiting room and writing the delay on the clinic board. 

You may want to bring some money with you if you need a drink or something to eat while you are at the hospital.

We do have drinking water available in the waiting areas. There is also a shop and a Costa Coffee café in the main entrance and Rafters restaurant on the ground floor.


During Your Appointment

Photograph of Outpatient Sister with Patient Information. You will be seen by a clinics nurse who may need to do tests in outpatients or take you to another part of the hospital.
You will also see a Doctor, sometimes we also have student Doctors sitting in the same room. Let the nurse know if you do not want to be seen by more than one Doctor.

You can get a copy of any hospital letters that are sent to your GP, please ask you clinic Doctor. We do not share information we have about you with anyone other than your GP unless we ask you first.

Please speak to one of the clinic nurses if you would like any extra information on our services and we will try our best to get it for you.


Prescriptions From Clinic Doctor

The clinic Doctor may want you to have different medication and give you a new prescription or write to your GP.
If you are given a ‘white’ prescription please take it to the hospital pharmacy, they can sometimes be busy and you may have to wait for your medicine.
If the Doctor gives you a ‘green’ prescription this will need to be taken to a chemist outside of the hospital.


After Your Appointment

If you need another appointment this will be given to you at reception or an appointment letter will be sent to your home.
We would like to know what you think of our service so please tell us by filling out a ‘patient experience’ card, let the clinic nurse know if you would like any help with this.