Useful Things To Bring

Recommendations on things to bring in to hospital as a patient or visitor to make a stay more comfortable.

Our patients find the following make their stay more pleasant:

  • For washing etc: e.g. soap (in a dish), flannel, hand towel, shaving equipment, tooth/denture care (toothbrush, toothpaste, denture pot/tablets), hairbrush/comb,
  • Skin care: e.g. talc, wet wipes, moisturisers, deodorant;
  • Paper handkerchiefs/tissues
  • Clothing: e.g. nightclothes (two sets), slippers (not flip-flops), light dressing gown, comfortable day clothes and underwear,
  • For amusement: e.g. small change, newspapers, magazines, puzzles/crosswords, pen and paper;
  • For refreshment: e.g. fruit squashes, fruit juice, yoghurts, boiled sweets. However, please check with the nurse in charge if the person you are visiting can consume these items at this time
  • Medication they are already on

Cards: We request that you do not stick any cards onto the walls as this damages the paintwork.

Flowers: Because space is limited and to reduce the risk of infection, please avoid or keep flowers to a minimum. Due to the specialist nature of the Intensive Care / Treatment Unit (ICU/ITU) - flowers are not permitted there.

Clothing and laundry: We encourage patients to wear daytime clothes when they feel able. We do not, however, have facilities to launder your clothes routinely. It is very helpful if relatives can take responsibility for this.

Please note : Mobile phones and electrical items should not be left on the ward with patients