Going Home

Getting ready to go home

Health and care agencies across Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire are working together to try to ensure people are able to leave hospital as soon as they are medically well enough. Our priority is ensuring people are discharged safely to continue their recovery and our teams will discuss with individuals and a family member if they wish, the details of their discharge once the doctor has advised they are well enough to leave hospital. Find out more.



Help when you’re going home

The hospital works closely with voluntary organisations across North Somerset to help our patients who may need extra support to go home. Please speak to a member of the ward team if you think you may need any of the following. All these services are free.


Red Cross Assisted Discharge 

The absent family member or friend for people with little or no support, the Red Cross can help with:

  • Safe transportation home
  • Resettlement. Volunteers can stay with you for 2-3 hours when you return home to help with physical and emotional needs
  • Risk Assessment when you’re home to identify hazards or concerns
  • A welfare check the next day


Support for Carers from The Crossroads Alliance

Based at the hospital this support service is especially for carers. They can help carers to:

  • Look after their own well-being, rights and choices
  • Understand hospital processes and services
  • Be consulted and involved in the planning and delivery of care services before and after discharge

Phone 01934 636363 ext 3193


Home from hospital with Alliance Living     

For people who may live alone or who have limited support, Home from Hospital based at Weston General can help while you’re in hospital and up to a week after discharge with:

  • Arranging meal services, deep cleaning and shopping
  • Help and advice with housing and benefit claims
  • Referrals to other support services in North Somerset (e.g. care link, meals services)
  • Welfare checks when you get home


To find out more click HERE or phone 01934 636363 ext 3193