Hearing Aid Fitting and Exchange

Hearing Aid Fitting/Exchange


Examination of your ears:  We will look into your ear to make sure they are clear and healthy.


Ear mould/Open fitting: The ear mould or open tube will be inserted into your ear, and measured up with the hearing aid to make sure that it fits well.


Programming of hearing aid: For the majority of fittings, Real Ear Measurements will be performed.


Feedback check: We will program the hearing aid and run a feedback check to make sure that the hearing aid does not whistle.  A sound will be played through the hearing aid during this check.


Inserting / removal of aid: We will instruct and practice inserting and removing the aid.


General instruction: we will ensure that you can manipulate and operate the aid and are happy with the sound.


Review: a follow up appointment is advised so we can check your progress and we will arrange an appointment with you.