Hearing Assessments

Photograph of Hearing Aid demonstration. If you feel your hearing has deteriorated and would like to have your hearing checked, the first point of contact is your GP, who can refer you through to the hearing services team. However, if we have already provided you with a hearing aid, you may contact us directly on 0117 342 5854.

A hearing test is performed to measure the softest sound that you can hear.


Examination of your ears:

We will have a look in your ear to make sure they are clear and healthy. It is important that your GP has checked your ears are clear of wax before your appointment.



We will ask you some questions about your symptoms and hearing difficulties.


Hearing test:

A hearing test will be performed using headphones. The results will be plotted on a graph and explained to you.

Depending on the outcome of your hearing test we will discuss the options with you, this may include a referral to another health professional or provision of hearing aids.


Impressions/ open fit:

If appropriate, ear moulds will be made so that we can provide a hearing aid(s).

We will place a soft sponge into your ear canal and then insert a soft putty material for 2 minutes; this will set and harden, taking the shape of your ear.

Alternatively, we will take measurements for an open fitting.

It is sometimes not appropriate to fit any hearing aids, however other options are available e.g. communication training and assistive listening devices.

We sometimes need to refer you on to ENT; this will be discussed with you at the time.